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The Blade of Chaos is one of the most powerful and oldest Magical Relic in all of Existence, it was said to be able to cut through Magic and eat the energy put into the spell with ease, it is a weapon usually seen with Michael in the King of Magic Series and was the only weapon capable of killing him that one time.


The Blade of Chaos has a sapphire embedded into its hilt, its sheath is black leather and guard is silver, the handle of the sword is leather-black and its blade is blood-wine red that sends a glow like a ripple when taking life from handle-side blade to blade tip.


  • Magic Cutting - The Blade of the Sword can cut through any Magic with varying levels of stagger depending on the strength of the spell or ritual used.
  • Energy storing - The Sapphire on the pommel of the Sword is enchanted to store infinite amounts of raw Magical Energy.
  • Magic Devouring - The Blade of the Sword can cut through magic and devour it, changing the spell used into Magical energy which is stored within the Sapphire.
  • Magic Channelling - The Sword is enchanted to allow the Spell-caster increased levels of Magic energy channelling and spell-casting.
  • Indestructible - The Sword is invincible and cannot be destroyed by any physical or Magical blow.
  • High Cutting Power - The Sword can cut through almost anything, he can be countered however by Camelot Blades or Enchanted Weapons, however not even Camelot Armour is immune to its cutting power. Thus far, it has been capable of cutting through metal and brick, like a heated knife through butter.
  • Blade of Fire - When the word "Khaos" is announced, the blade catches on fire and can cut through even fortified Gates with ease, everything falls before the blade of fire however Gaius comments that the magical flames are unaligned with its namesake therefore the flames are not fire at all but instead flame-shapped Wild Magic.