"The Great Purge. What was so great about it?"
―Felix Faust
Felix Faust
Felix Faust
Also Known As: Felix the Black
  • Grand Necromancer
  • Spymaster Faust
  • Felix the Everliving
Biographical Information
Race: Warlock
Gender: Male
Family: Aneren Faust
Affiliation: Old Religion (formerly)
Enemies: Uther Pendragon
  • Camelot
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Mark Margolis
List of Appearances: The Reckoning

Felix Faust is a Warlock and prior to The Great Purge was a High Priest of the Old Religion. He survived the traumatic event with the aid of his lord; Cedrick Blackthorn. During the purge of all magical creatures and beings Felix served as Cedrick's spymaster and chief sorcerer in the noble's holdings; Adraung, where they secretly gathered surviving practitioners of magic in the hopes of dethroning King Uther and halting the purge. Ultimately however, their plans would fail and the pair would be labeled traitors to the kingdom.

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"I forget nothing. I merely disregard your past dealings against me in this instance."
―Felix Faust

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Felix Faust was a favorite fable among the out laying villages near Camelot. Portrayed as a being known only to possess a ruthless and vengeful demeanor that rivaled demons themselves. An embittered and cold eyed old fossil he was typically described as soulless and calculating.

At the threat of being exterminated, along with his entire way of living Felix tore out his own heart; metaphorically speaking that is. Distancing himself from his own feelings and motivated by his disagreement with Uther's tyrannical regime, Felix would delve deeply into Black Magic developing the vindictive and unforgiving nature that many simple folk regard him.

Despite his own shortcomings and flawed ways Felix ultimately would surpass Uther Pendragon in one regard. Both had suffered on an emotional level -Uther with the lose of his wife and Felix the loss of countless friends- but while Uther was unwilling to let go of his past suffering, Felix was and did at the time of his dear friend Cedrick's demise in their last failed attempt at regicide against Uther.

Once his feelings for the tyrannical king were put aside Felix remained a powerful, arrogant, intelligent, overconfident, and ferociously loyal individual.

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"I've developed and advanced this field of study so that I may create a different type of Panacea. Not the remedy that many long to possess to heal all mortal wounds and diseases. No I wish to heal the land itself "
―Felix Faust

Felix was adept at restoring farm lands that had long since lost the needed minerals to support plant life. As such his knowledge in the practice and application of Alchemy was praiseworthy and highly sought after among the common and noble folk alike; despite any ramifications one might suffer should the associations become publicly known.

The aged Warlock was also masterfully gifted in altering the chemical makeup of drinks, particularly fine wines and other alcoholic brews. Changing them from sweet and sensuous to the deadliest of toxins.

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