The inversion trilogy is where a powerful sorcery, upon his death, casts a spell that inverses the personality of many people in Camelot, except for Merlin.

In part 2, Merlin has succeeded in restoring Gwen's, Arthur's and Gaius's personalities using magic, but finds himself more ruthless. However, Uther has allowed the druids to take over Camelot, due to his new peaceful nature and love for magic.

In part 3, everyone has been restored, but at the cost of Merlin's personality being completely inversed, with him planning to take over Camelot.

People affected by the inversionEdit

  • Merlin: Thought remaining unaffected in the first part, the cost of restoring the personality of his friends amplified the darker impulses of his mind including dishonesty, ruthlessness and apathy. In part 3, due to completely restoring everyone, Merlin's dark side completely took over. As a result, he loses all sense of compassion and understanding. Instead, he becomes an arrogant, self serving, manipulative and power hungry warlock with a desire to rule over all magical beings as Emrys, the most powerful warlock in existence.
  • Arthur: