The King of Magic Series is a fanfiction series that takes place instead of Season 2 of Merlin where Arthur also awakens to have powerful Magic along with Morgana, he is told by the Dragon Kilgharrah when it comes to him Telepathically seeking to summon him, in the Dragon's cave it tells Arthur to seek out Emrys and learn everything Magic has to offer him. However Arthur soon finds himself caught between enemies, Morgause and Morgana on one side and Immortal Beings on the other, both wanting to either destroy Camelot or use it for their own ends.



Kingdom of CamelotEdit

Old ReligionEdit


  • Michael - Michael is the Primordial Immortal or God of Magic, Morgause attempted to awaken him from his "dead incapacitated" state in hope she could use him against Camelot, although he becomes an antagonist of Camelot he has no wish to obey the commands of Morgause or her sister.
  • Sean - Sean is the Primordial Immortal or God of Dragons hence he came into the world at the same time as Michael, Michael hints that he is younger than Sean due to the hint that "Magic comes from Dragons" however Sean says and looks otherwise, currently he is trapped in the Avalon Abyss - a Magical Dimension that only the Pendragon Line can enter holding a Magical Relic that only they know the location of.