Merlin (Carpe Diem)
Also Known As: Emrys
Biographical Information
Race: Possibly Half-Human and Half-Magical Creature of The Old Religion
Gender: Male
Family: Balinor (Father) †
Affiliation: Arthur Pendragon

Alator of the Catha



Enemies: Uther Pendragon
  • Morgana Pendragon
  • Mordred
  • Nimueh †
  • Morgause †
  • Agravaine de Bois †
  • Alvarr
  • Helios †
  • Cenred †
  • Sidhe Elder †
  • Mary Collins †
  • Valiant †
  • Edwin Muirden †
  • Sophia †
  • Aulfric †
  • Tristan de Bois †
  • Kanen †
  • Tauren †
  • Cedric
  • Cornelius Sigan †
  • Odin
  • Myror †
  • Hengist †
  • Kendrick †
  • Troll (Catrina) †
  • Jonas †
  • Aredian †
  • Halig †
  • Alined
  • Trickler
  • Enmyrial †
  • Knights of Medhir †
  • Dagr †
  • Ebor †
  • Grunhilda †
  • Nollar †
  • Tindr
  • Jarl †
  • The Cailleach
  • The Gleeman †
  • Julius Borden †
  • Caerleon †
  • Lamia †
  • Lancelot (Shade) †
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Colin Morgan
List of Appearances: All the episodes
"I put my life in your hands every day, Merlin, as do Arthur and Gwen and all of Camelot, though they may not know it. You're the one who holds the fate of this kingdom in the balance."

Merlin is a hero and protagonist of the Fanfiction series, Carpe Diem. He is a young warlock, the last Dragonlord in existence, the only son of Hunith and Balinor, Gaius's ward and apprentice, and love interest of the series' main protagonist, Anastasia Saddler. Merlin is also a creature of the Old Religion. Having left his childhood in Ealdor for Camelot, Merlin became the manservant of the Prince of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon, with whom he eventually became extremely close friends with. From then on, acting on the prophecy of the Great Dragon, *Kilgharrah, Merlin began his duty to protect and guide Arthur on his way to the throne. Merlin is destined to become the greatest and most powerful sorcerer to ever live, and to use his powers to free the magical people and revive the Old Religion to coexist with the New Religion. He is also destined to stand at Arthur's side as an advisor and partner, as he reunites all the kingdoms of the land back into Albion, calling forth an era of peace and prosperity.


Early Life Edit

Merlin was born in Ealdor, a small outlying village in Cenred's Kingdom, Essetir . His mother is Hunith and his father was Balinor. Gaius helped Balinor, a Dragonlord, escape from Uther's Great Purge and hid him with Hunith. The two fell in love, but Uther soon discovered Balinor's hiding place and sent knights to arrest him. Balinor was forced to flee and leave Hunith behind. Whether she knew before or after his departure, Hunith discovered she was pregnant and later gave birth to Merlin. Merlin wouldn't see his father until many years later. Merlin was born with magic. According to The Great Dragon, Merlin's birth has been prophesied by many cultures. For example, the Druids refer to him as "Emrys" (meaning immortal), which is first used by Mordred (The Beginning of the End). The Dragon states that it's Merlin's destiny to protect Arthur Pendragon and aid him in uniting the kingdoms of Albion and returning magic to the land.

Arriving in Camelot Edit

"Without you pair Arthur will never succeed, without you there will be no Albion"
―Kilgharrah to Merlin and Ana

When he was eighteen his mother sent him to her friend Gaius for help controlling his magic. Upon his arrival in Camelot, Merlin saved Gaius from a fatal fall off a balcony in his chambers. He gave Merlin a magic spell book in order to advance his skills, but advised Merlin to hide his powers as the king, Uther Pendragon, has made all forms of magic illegal.

During his first week in Camelot, Merlin heard a voice calling him. Within a few days, he had followed the voice to the dungeons of the castle and discovered The Great Dragon and Camelot's stable hand Anastasia Saddler. The dragon told Merlin that he is destined for great things, and that he will aid Arthur in his destiny to become king. Throughout the series, the dragon frequently gave Merlin advice, although Merlin rarely understood it at first as the advice was usually in riddles.

As well as being Gaius' ward and apprentice, Merlin became Arthur's manservant after he saved him from being impaled by a dagger thrown by Mary Collins (The Dragon's Call).

Although the pair shared an antagonistic relationship at first the two quickly began to trust each other. Merlin also befriended Guinevere, known as "Gwen" Morgana's maidservant, Anastasia Saddler, known as "Ana" and a little later Morgana herself.

Early Adventures Edit

"If it comes to a choice between me saving peoples lives and revealing who I really am, there is no choice”
“You can't let Arthur know about your gift
―Merlin and Hunith discuss Merlin's secret.[src]

Merlin frequently used his magic to help others, sometimes even without thinking of the consequences. When the life of Gwen's father, Tom, is threatened by a strange plague that is spreading in Camelot, Merlin uses his magic to heal him, an action which subsequently leads Uther to assume that Gwen healed her father with witchcraft and to believe she caused the plague in the first place (The Mark of Nimueh).

Merlin also uses his magic to help a swordsman named Lancelot by using his powers to forge a false seal of nobility that would enable him to join the Knights of Camelot. He uses his powers again to enchant Lancelot's lance to aid him in killing a Griffin. Through doing so, he enables Lancelot to discover that Merlin had magic (Lancelot). However, Lancelot leaves Camelot because Arthur disagrees that he should have his knighthood taken away since his seal of nobility was false. Uther wished to have him banished, so father and son argued, Lancelot bade them farewell because he couldn't stand the fact he had caused a rift between the King and the Prince.

Rue , watching him leave, foresees that they will meet again.

Merlin also uses his powers to save King Uther from being killed by one of Edwin Muirden's Elanthia beetles, despite the risk of his powers being discovered (A Remedy to Cure All Ills).

He takes this risk again, this time accompanied by Ana, when his home village is attacked by raiders and together they raise a wind in front of Arthur in order to help them win the fight. However Merlin's friend Will, who is fatally wounded during the battle, takes the blame for the magic before he died (The Moment of Truth). Despite hiding his own powers, Merlin's magic has also helped expose witches and warlocks with more sinister motives. He managed to expose Knight Valiant's magical Serpent Shield during the final match of a sword tournament, saving Arthur's life (Valiant).

Merlin frequently, also, has to make life altering choices, often dealing with the Dragon's advice to him. The first of two notable examples occur when he has to choose whether to help Mordred escape from Camelot or to allow him to be caught and killed; Merlin ultimately chooses the former when Ana, who has been begged by Rue, pleads with him for help (The Beginning of the End).

The second is after Uther has Gwen's father executed and Morgana plots with the rogue sorcerer, Tauren, to kill Uther and the Dragon advises him to do nothing. Despite his intense dislike of Uther because of his persecution against his kind, Merlin refuses to believe that it is right to kill him. He ultimately chooses to save him when Gwen states that she wouldn't kill him because that would make her no better than Uther himself (To Kill the King).

After an encounter with a Questing Beast, Arthur, Ana and Merlin go on a hunt for it. Merlin kills it, but Arthur is bitten by it during the hunt. Knowing that a bite from a Questing Beast meant death, Merlin goes to the Dragon. The Dragon tells him to travel to the Isle of the Blessed and accept the heavy price that he would have to pay to the priestess of the Old Religion he would find there, in order to save Arthur's life. Once he arrives at the Island, Merlin once again encounters the enchantress Nimueh. He is told that to save Arthur's life, he has to sacrifice another.

Merlin chooses to sacrifice his own, and Nimueh gives him a vial of water from the Cup of Life that would revive Arthur. Unknown to Merlin, the life that is taken is not his. Instead, Ana's sister Rue becomes ill with a terrible sickness that would kill her. Merlin goes to the Dragon and accuses him of tricking him. The Dragon says his own life is too valuable to waste, since he has to protect Arthur until he claims the throne, at which time the Dragon will be freed. Realizing that is all the Dragon ever cared about, Merlin turns his back on the Dragon, vowing to never allow him to be released for what he has done.

Merlin visits Ana to find her too distraught to talk to him. He intends to once again visit Nimueh to bargain his own life for his Rue's, but Gaius beats him to it, and sacrifices his life for the little girl, who later recovers from the illness. Merlin blames Nimueh for Gaius' death, and attacks her. Nimueh easily overpowers him in a magical battle and seemingly kills him. However, as she turns her back to him, Merlin rises up and and uses magical lightning to strike her down, killing her. He then uses the power of life and death to revive Gaius, using Nimueh's death as payment.

Meanwhile, the Dragon is at terrible rage over Merlin's desertion and furiously calls Merlin's name (which appears to have been heard by Morgana) (Le Morte d'Arthur).

Cornelius Sigan's Return Edit

"I just want Arthur to trust me and to see me for who I really am"
―Merlin to Gaius

During the time a buried treasure is unearthed, a con-artist named Cedric attempts to muscle in on Merlin's position as Arthur's manservant, which he succeeds in doing for a time. When the spirit of Cornelius Sigan possesses Cedric and threatens to destroy Camelot, Ana begs Merlin to revoke his vow and return to the Dragon for help. He promises to free the Dragon if he helps Merlin defeat Sigan, and the Dragon complies by giving him the spell he needs to defeat the evil sorcerer. When Sigan realizes how powerful Merlin is, he offers Merlin a chance to join him, saying that Arthur doesn't deserve his loyalty. Although he appears to be tempted by this offer, Merlin refuses and seals Sigan's spirit away again, using the knowledge that the Great Dragon has given him. Arthur also gives Merlin his position back after Cedric's betrayal is exposed (The Curse of Cornelius Sigan).

Helping Morgana Edit

"I now know who I really am and it isn't something to be scared of. Maybe one day people will come to see magic as a force for good."
―Morgana to Merlin

When Morgana's magic begins to reveal itself, she is terrified. Merlin wants to help her, but Gaius refuses to tell Morgana the truth and the Dragon refuses to help Merlin do anything that would help Morgana, saying it would be best if she never knows the full extent of her powers. But Merlin refuses to abandon Morgana and requests Ana takes Morgana to the Druids to get help with her powers. Ana reluctantly agrees. Unfortunately, Morgana's disappearance leads Uther to believe she has been kidnapped and he, consequently, orders for everyone who is under suspicion of having anything to do with magic to be arrested and executed unless she is returned. Merlin immediately goes after Morgana and tries to convince her to return to Camelot, but an army, led by Arthur, raids the camp, forcing Merlin and Ana to use magic to protect the Druids. Morgana is found and returned to Camelot, but she is no longer afraid of her magic and thanks Merlin and Ana for what they did. Arthur, meanwhile, thinks Merlin has fallen for Morgana and advises him to not pursue his feelings for her since Uther would "have his head" for it (The Nightmare Begins).

Rescuing Gwen Edit

"Gaius, don't even think about telling me not to go because there is nothing you can say that will stop me."
―Merlin to Gaius

When Gwen was kidnapped by bandits who believed her to be Morgana, Merlin, Ana and Arthur set out to rescue her. During their journey, Merlin notices Arthur's odd behaviour, and manages to get Arthur to confess that he was in love with Gwen. Arthur insisted that nothing could ever happen between Gwen and himself, namely because of his father, but Merlin said that could change when he became king and that Gwen would wait for him if she returned his feelings. Merlin and Arthur arrived at the bandits' hideout in time to save Gwen and Lancelot, who had also arrived to rescue her, from being killed. During the return home, both Merlin and Ana noticed that Lancelot and Gwen had feelings for each other, but after Lancelot learned of Arthur's feelings for Gwen from Merlin, he decided to leave so he wouldn't come between Arthur and Gwen (Lancelot and Guinevere).

Troll Queen Edit

"Arthur, she's a troll!"
"She's not that bad.
―Merlin and Arthur discuss Catrina

A while later, a troll disguised as Lady Catrina comes to Camelot. Unlike many of Uther's guests she and her servant Jonas are very kind to Merlin. Gaius becomes suspicious of the Lady Catrina and Ana discovers that Jonas has a tail. Merlin then uses a mirror from Arthur's chambers to spy on the Lady Catrina and sees that she is actually a troll. Merlin attempts to tell Arthur, but the prince takes it as a joke. To ensure her marriage to Uther, Lady Catrina enchants him with a necklace. Uther does exactly as she wishes. They later get married the following morning. Jonas catches Merlin spying on the Lady Catrina and attempts to use magic to reveal her true form, so they set a trap to capture him.

Lady Catrina then imprisons Merlin in the dungeons underground using a rock wall too powerful for Merlin to break. During the wedding, Ana seeks out Merlin and breaks through the rock wall, freeing him. But is too late to stop Catrina. After becoming Queen of Camelot, Catrina begins to undermine Arthur. She convinces Uther that Arthur is a disappointment and, eventually, becomes heir to the throne. On the day of her coronation, Merlin and Gaius switch her potion with a fake potion, which does not allow her disguise to last as the real potion would have. The troll is revealed to all of Camelot, however Uther is still enchanted and does not see Catrina for who she really is. Merlin goes to the Great Dragon, who, through fits of laughter, tells Merlin that Uther has to cry tears of true remorse for the enchantment to be broken.

Merlin and Ana then feign Arthur's death by convincing him to drink a poison and the enchantment is broken. Merlin is rushing back to Arthur with the antidote when he is hit on the head with a pot by Jonas. The antidote is seconds away from breaking when Ana uses her telekinesis to save it. She tells Merlin to get it to Ana while she defeats Jonas by using her magic. Merlin revives Arthur and then, using his magic, helps Arthur kill the troll.

The Witchfinder Edit

"I won't sacrifice a friend to save myself"
"Bravely spoken, but Gaius is already doomed
―Merlin and Kilgharrah

One day, Merlin is gathering wood in the forest, nearby Ana is around a campfire with Rue. Using the pillar of smoke rising from the fire, Merlin uses his magic to temporarily turn the smoke into the shape of a horse, much to Rue's entertainment. A nearby peasant, a young woman named Catheryn, witnesses the magic and, fearing for her life, informs Uther of what she has seen. Uther, determined to wipe out the last traces of magic in Camelot, he sends for Aredian, a feared witchfinder. When Aredian starts searching the kingdom for sorcerers, he comes across a magical amulet in Ana's house. Ana is publicly accused of being a sorcerer, but Gaius takes the blame in order to protect Ana.

Distressed over what he caused, Merlin goes to the Great Dragon for advice. But the Dragon, in genuine regret, can't help him because he doesn't know how to do so in this matter. Merlin later visits Gaius in the dungeons and both come to realize that the amulet that was found belonged to neither of them.

Ana later discovers that Aredian would plant false evidence of magic wherever he is called in order to further his own profits. Merlin then takes revenge upon Aredian by exposing his treachery as well as framing him for being a sorcerer, which ultimately results in the Witchfinder's death. Gaius is also released after he was found to be innocent (The Witchfinder).

Morgana's FallEdit

"Morgana stole the crystal?"
"I'm certain of it
Ana and Merlin

A sorcerer named Alvarr comes to Camelot with the intention of stealing a crystal that can tell the past, present, and future if wielded by the right person. He also enlists Mordred into his group of bandits, supposing that Mordred would be able use the crystal. Merlin and Arthur later find that the crystal has been stolen and Merlin comes to believe that Morgana is behind it. He follows her and sees that he is right. He goes to the Great Dragon, who tells Merlin his reason for advising him not to trust Mordred and Morgana: an ancient prophecy speaks of an evil alliance between the two. The Dragon advises Merlin that the alliance has to be prevented, whatever the cost. Merlin later ends up leading a number of Camelot's guards to the bandit camp, using his ability to hear Mordred's telepathic voice to guide him. When he tries to prevent Mordred's escape, the young druid simply kills the guards that were after him and telepathically tells Merlin that he won't forgive or forget his actions. Morgana, meanwhile, frees Alvarr from Camelot's dungeons.

During this time, Ana gets hold of the crystal and sees a future where the Dragon attacks Camelot once he is freed. While her grandfather tells her that it is merely one of many possible futures, Ana is clearly shaken from seeing the vision. That night, Ana hears the Dragon's telepathic calls to Merlin, telling him to honour his promise (The Witch's Quickening). Morgana continues her descent into darkness when she later sides with Morgause when she returns with the Knights of Medhir and puts all of Camelot to sleep in an attempt to destroy the noble kingdom. Ana lies to Arthur to keep Morgana's magic secret, and then comforts her friend when she seems flustered, to which Morgana replies that she is "a good friend."

Merlin later goes to the Great Dragon, who informs him that Morgana is the vessel that sustains the sleeping spell with her life, unbeknownst to her, and that her death is the only thing that can end the spell. When Morgana and Merlin are alone, he reluctantly tricks her into drinking hemlock, a form of poison. As Morgana begins to die, she realizes what Merlin has done but can not speak. She then falls unconscious as she struggles against the poison in Merlin's arms. Morgause discovers them and demands that Merlin tells her the poison he used so that she can save Morgana's life. Merlin refuses to do so unless she stops the Knights of Medhir.

Morgause obliges and Merlin shows her the hemlock. She then takes her half-sister away before anyone can stop her, leaving Merlin believing that Morgana is dead for good. That night, he returns to the Great Dragon and finally fulfills his oath by setting him free, but setting him free was only the beginning (The Fires of Idirsholas).

Release of The Great DragonEdit

"I'm your son"
―Merlin to Ballinor

Ana's fears about what the Great Dragon would do if freed are justified as the creature attacks Camelot and kills many innocent people, including her own grandparents. Merlin attempts to stop the Dragon himself, but his magic is ineffective. Merlin later learns that only certain people, known as Dragonlords, could control and kill a dragon and that all the Dragonlords were killed as part of Uther's Great Purge. But, according to Gaius, one Dragonlord known as Balinor still lives by himself far away from Camelot. Before Merlin sets out with Arthur to find Balinor, Gaius tells him that Balinor is Merlin's father. A noticeably shaken Merlin then travels with Arthur and Ana to find Balinor and persuade him to help Camelot rid itself of the Dragon.

After Balinor heals Arthur of his wounds from a previous battle with the Dragon, Merlin reveals to him that he is his son. It is soon after this that Balinor reveals that Dragonlords pass on their powers down the generations from father to son when the father dies and carves a wooden dragon for Merlin. Unfortunately, the four of them are ambushed by enemy Knights and Balinor is fatally wounded in the ensuing battle. Merlin is heartbroken at this and Arthur deduces that Camelot is now doomed. However, when the trio return to Camelot, Ana points out to Merlin that he has now inherited all of Balinor's powers as a Dragonlord and is able to stop the Dragon once and for all. He decides to go with Arthur into battle. The Dragon decimates Arthur's men in this battle and Arthur himself is knocked out by a blow from the Dragon, leaving Merlin on his own to face the beast. Merlin then speaks in a language that appears to stop the Dragon from attacking him. Merlin then commands the Dragon to leave Camelot for good and never return. The Dragon agrees to do so, but says as a parting message that he will not forget how Merlin spared him and that he is sure that they will one day meet again. Once Arthur regains consciousness, Merlin tells him that Arthur dealt the Dragon a fatal blow, to avoid revealing his Dragonlord heritage (The Last Dragonlord).

Merlin and Arthur return to Camelot, and Merlin is greeted by Ana. The two share their first kiss.

Morgana's ReturnEdit

"Morgana's summoned an army of the dead, they're everywhere!"
―Merlin to Gaius

In the year Morgana has been missing, Merlin appears to have been worried about finding her and what she may do to him. Not only that, but his powers seem to have increased. When Morgana is finally found, he begins to worry that Morgana will tell Uther that he poisoned her and he would be executed. However, when Morgana speaks to him, she tells him that she forgives him for what he did and that she would have done the same to save her friends. This makes Merlin cheer up significantly, until Ana finds a mandrake under Uther's bed and realizes that Morgana is still up to no good. Merlin promises Ana that he will find out what is going on, and follows Morgana into the forest, unaware that she knows of his presence (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).

After Morgana and Morgause leave him to be killed by serkets, Merlin calls to Kilgharrah in the Dragon language and the Great Dragon rescues him. After Merlin recovers, he returns to Camelot to try and stop Morgana, Morgause, and King Cenred. Morgana is shocked and puzzled when she sees Merlin alive the following day and viciously warns him that, if he speaks a word of her betrayal, she will tell Uther that Merlin poisoned her. Meanwhile, Arthur has become irritated by Merlin's constant disappearances and odd behaviour, turning his own chambers into a giant mess in the single day that Merlin is trapped by Morgause.

Despite this, he reluctantly admits that Merlin sometimes displays "wisdom" when Merlin consoles him before the battle. During the siege of Camelot, Merlin discovers that Morgana resurrected the dead to attack Camelot from within. Merlin finds Ana pleading with Morgana to stop what she is doing, but Morgana cries that neither of them understand what it is like to be an outsider and to be ashamed of her magic. At this speech, Merlin appears to consider revealing his true identity, but eventually tells her that he believes her gift was to be used for good. Unconvinced, Morgana tells him that "there is no other way" and proceeds to attack him, Ana intervenes and matches Morgana blow for blow with her sword. To end the fighting, Merlin manages to bring part of the roof down on Morgana by using his magic. He then uses Ana's sword to break the staff.

However, Morgana survives and later claims that it was she who destroyed the staff and saved Camelot. She and Merlin then glare at each other while Uther praises Morgana for her deed. After this incident, Merlin's relationship with Morgana remains hostile. When Merlin's secret is briefly exposed by a Goblin-possessed Gaius, she gives him a look of delight when Uther sentences him to death. When Gaius is returned to normal and Merlin is pardoned, she is clearly irritated because he once again escaped death (Goblin's Gold).

A New Friend and An Inconvenient FutureEdit

"There's only one person I know who can do that"
―Merlin on Gwaine

Merlin later meets and befriends a man called Gwaine who helps Arthur and Merlin in a tavern brawl. He and Arthur take the injured Gwaine back to Camelot, but Gwaine is later arrested by Uther for assaulting a pair of knights, who were actually on a mission to kill Arthur. Arthur persuades Uther to merely banish Gwaine, but Gwaine later returns to save Arthur from the two knights that wanted to kill him. Merlin notes that Gwaine has an unusual fighting style and is thus able to recognize him even while he is in armour (Gwaine).

At some point after meeting Gwaine, Merlin accidentally causes Morgana to nearly kill Uther after foreseeing the future in the crystal cave (he also sees an image of himself as an old man with long white hair and a beard and an image of Morgana as Queen of Camelot, however these prophecies will not come true until a later date). In an attempt to prevent that future from happening, he actually causes it to happen. Merlin accidentally seriously wounds Morgana by making her fall down a flight of stairs. He then overhears Uther telling Gaius that he is Morgana's father. Merlin calls Kilgharrah to provide him with a way to heal Morgana, but once she recovers, Morgana attempts to murder Uther in his sleep. Merlin saves the king by using magic to smash his window, waking him up and forcing Morgana to abandon her assassination attempt (The Crystal Cave).

The Quartet ReunitedEdit

"If worn too long Arthur will die"
―Ana and Merlin

Merlin is later reunited with Gwaine, who helps him and Ana find Arthur, who is slowly having his strength drained by Morgana's Eye of the Phoenix. During this foretold quest, which is apparently his, instead of Arthur's, Merlin is known as "Magic" for obvious reasons, with Gwaine as "Strength", Arthur as "Courage", and Ana as "Love." Merlin uses his Dragonlord ability to save the unconscious Arthur and injuried Ana from a pair of Wyvern and later encounters the Fisher King. The Fisher King gives him water from the Lake of Avalon, foreboding dark times ahead in which Merlin will need all the help he can get. He then asks Merlin to kill him as a favor in exchange for the boon, for he has lived far beyond his natural lifespan, waiting for the arrival of The Once and Future King, whose age is now dawning, and since he is unable to die without Merlin's help. Arthur, meanwhile, retrieves the Fisher King's Golden Trident and they say goodbye to Gwaine before returning to Camelot (The Eye of the Phoenix).

A Prophecy Come True Edit

"If we cannot expose the true sorcerer, then we must invent one"
―Merlin to Gaius

Later, Merlin creates a disguise in the shape of the same man he saw in the Crystal in order to save Guinevere from being executed. Guinevere was accused by Morgana as having placed a spell on Arthur to love her, as Morgana was having nightmares of Gwen becoming queen. Since Merlin hasn't been able to reveal to Uther that Morgana used magic and so he decides to create a sorcerer of his own. In the disguise of an old man, Merlin thwarts Morgana's plan and saves Gwen but is nearly executed himself. He escapes, taking a potion Gaius prepared, and transforms back into himself before Arthur and his knights can find him. Arthur thinks that Merlin spent time in the tavern due to a lie told to him by Gaius (Queen of Hearts).

Guiding a Sorcerer Edit

"It's lonely to be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow. To be special and have to pretend you're a fool. I know how it feels, I understand."
―Merlin to Gilli

Merlin later encounters a sorcerer named Gilli when a tournament is taking place in Camelot. After meeting him, Merlin immediately notices that Gilli uses magic to help him defeat his first opponent. Fearing that Gilli will get exposed for using magic and that he will get corrupted by his powers, Merlin tells Gilli to withdraw from the tournament but Gilli tells him that he wants to use his magic so that he achieves glory and that his father was afraid of magic.

Gilli then chooses to withdraw when he unintentionally kills a thug named Nollar, but when everyone shows him respect, he again changes his mind and chooses not to withdraw. Merlin later confronts Gilli about his decision and reveals his magic to him. Gilli argues that Merlin has hid his gift for a long time and that someone with magic should strike Uther as he had many people who had magic executed. Merlin, when learning that Arthur's heart would be hardened against magic if he witnessed Uther die at its hand, foils Gilli's attempt to kill Uther. Merlin tells Gilli that using magic to fight and to achieve glory is not the right way to use his power, making Gilli realize that his father was only afraid of the power magic has to corrupt and not magic itself.

After Gilli apologises for his actions, Merlin comments that they will meet again before Gilli leaves (The Sorcerer's Shadow).

Rise of Morgana Edit

"Actually we're on a quest."
"We're looking for the cup of life."
"What part of the word 'secret' do you not understand?
―Arthur and Merlin

Merlin's vision of Morgana becoming Queen also comes true. While he, Ana and Arthur search for the Cup of Life, meeting their friend Gwaine and old friend of Ana's James Boa during the mission, Morgause and Cenred are also attempting to find the Cup. Merlin accidentally lets the Cup fall into enemy hands (literally) and Morgause creates an army of immortal soldiers. Merlin, Ana, James, Gwaine and Arthur return to Camelot and find Elyan and Gaius, the only three known people who have not been captured, wounded or killed by Morgause's immortal army.

Despite being told to go with Gaius, Merlin stays with Arthur, who for once appears grateful towards him. They then witness Morgana being crowned Queen of Camelot, just as Merlin foresaw in the Crystal Cave.

Merlin and Arthur join the rest of the group in the forest and Merlin takes the water the Fisher King gave him and is contacted by Ana's mother, Rosie Saddler. She tells them to come to the the Lake of Avalon to fetch the sword Excalibur.

Merlin calls Kilgharrah, who carries him and Ana to the lake and Rosie gives Merlin the sword, and embraces her distraught daughter. Merlin and his friends later meet Guinevere, Rue and Sir Leon who managed to escape Camelot though they accidentally bring a group of Morgause's immortal soldiers with them. Fortunately their lives are saved by the arrival of Lancelot and Percival who cause an avalanche allowing the group to escape. Wielding Excalibur, Merlin join a Arthur, Gwaine, Elyan, Lancelot, Percival and Ana in their mission to bring an end to Morgana's rule.

Merlin uses the sword to destroy the soldiers that stand in their way and has almost made it to the Cup of Life before Morgause intervenes. Fortunately Ana arrives in time to attack Morgause with magic, smashing her into a pillar, seriously injuring her but protecting Merlin. Merlin then empties the Cup of the Knights blood, destroying the immortal army.

A devastated Morgana rushes into the room and cradles her unconscious sister just as Morgause did for her when Merlin poisoned her. Merlin tells Morgana that it is over but Morgana tells him that it has just begun and uses magic to bring the room crashing down on them.

Gaius later states that there was no sign of Morgana or Morgause in the rubble, meaning that they must have escaped. Finally Merlin places Excalibur in a stone in the forest where no "mortal man" can wield it (The Coming of Arthur).

The Darkest Hour Edit

"What is the life of a servant compared to that of a prince?"
―Merlin to Arthur

Though Camelot experiences another year of peace after Morgana is overthrown, this peace is interrupted during the Samhain Eve celebration. As a result of Morgana's blood sacrifice on the Isle of the Blessed, Merlin is greeted with shock as a mysterious woman appears during Arthur's toast to the king.

As she calls out to Merlin, calling him Emrys, he faints prompting treatment by Gaius. When Merlin recovers, he explains to Gaius what happened. Gaius concluded that the woman Merlin saw is the Cailleach, gatekeeper to the spirit world. Although Gaius is unsure as to why the Cailleach would appear to Merlin, he speculates that trouble is coming to Camelot once again. This speculation proves to be correct as there begin to be reports of villages being attacked by unknown assailants with no one being left alive. Once Arthur gets word that this was occurring, he rides out with his knights and Merlin to investigate. Once they arrive at a village, Merlin encounters a strange wispy creature that somehow disable his magic and is almost killed.

However, Lancelot manages to drive the creature away using his torch before it can do so. Upon returning to Camelot, Merlin finds it in an uproar. The supernatural creatures, identified as the Dorocha, have begun to launch attacks on the castle and many are killed. He confides in Gaius and confesses that his magic has no effect on the creatures.

After the attack, Gaius informs Arthur that the Dorocha can not be killed through conventional means but that the veil from which they came must be sealed with another blood sacrifice. Arthur then designates himself to be the next sacrifice so that the veil might be closed. Unable to forsake her destiny, Ana becomes determined to take Arthur's place as the sacrifice despite Merlin's protests. Arthur once again rides out with Merlin and his knights to the Isle of the Blessed to repair the damage to the torn veil.

On the way, Merlin attempts to convince Ana that the undertaking they are performing is too dangerous. Ana replies that her duty is to protect Arthur as Merlin's duty is to advise him. Upon arriving at the Isle of the Blessed, Arthur and Ana are attacked by a Dorocha and are forced to seek refuge inside the catacombs. After a friendly exchange, another Dorocha manages to find them. Before Arthur or Ana can confront it, Merlin appears from seemingly nowhere and pushes both of his friends out of the way and takes the full brunt of the Dorocha's attack. When the knights rejoin Arthur, they discover that Merlin is apparently dead.

Merlin survives the attack but becomes gravely ill and has to be taken by Lancelot back to Camelot. However along the journey, Vilia, who are spirits of the brooks and streams help them and heal Merlin from the sickness. Merlin then rides back with Lancelot to help Arthur.

Along the way, they are attacked by a Dorocha but Merlin summons Kilgharrah to repel the Dorocha with his fire. Kilgharrah then tells them that the Dorocha cannot be allowed to remain in the living world and that a sacrifice will be demanded by the Cailleach to defeat them.

After rejoining Arthur and the others, they continue the journey to the isle of the Blessed. Merlin offers to be sacrificed instead of Arthur but the Cailleach says it can not happen. Before Merlin can stop him, Lancelot walks into the veil and heals the rip. After a funeral is held for Lancelot, Merlin and Gaius learn that Morgana is aware of his identity as Emrys. Ana later tells Merlin that she suspects Arthur's uncle Agravaine, who has supported Arthur after Uther was broken by Morgana's betrayal, is loyal to Morgana before warning Merlin that Morgana should never learn the truth that he has magic and that he is Emrys (The Darkest Hour).

The Once and Future KingEdit

"I've been playing a dangerous game since the first time I set foot in Camelot. Maybe this is my chance to change that."
―Merlin to Gaius

When Uther is mortally wounded by an assassin when protecting Arthur, Merlin sees this as a chance to return magic back to Camelot because Arthur plans to use magic to save Uther. Merlin returns to his old man disguise to help him convince Arthur. Merlin gains Arthur's trust with help of his disguise and goes to Uther's chambers with Arthur. However, Morgana learns of Arthur's plans and enchants a necklace to repel healing spells which Agravaine plants around Uther's neck. Merlin casts a healing spell but due to the necklace, it backfires and Uther dies. An enraged Arthur blames the disguised Merlin for Uther's death but Merlin knocks him unconscious to prevent Arthur from attacking him and transforms back into himself.

Gaius later shows Merlin the necklace and Merlin realizes what Morgana did. Arthur then tells Merlin that he lost both his parents due to magic and that he sees it as pure evil. Merlin blames himself for Uther's death and worries that his magic will never be revealed to Arthur but Gaius reassures him that Arthur will soon learn of his magic and that he is not to blame for Uther's death. Merlin then watches as Arthur is crowned King of Camelot, despite being heartbroken at his failure and chants 'Long Live the King' (The Wicked Day).

The Dragon Egg Edit

"I am the last Dragonlord and I warn you leave this egg alone"
―Merlin to Julius Borden

When the mysterious Julius Borden visits Gaius telling Gaius of his plan to bring forth a new dragon into the world, Merlin is gravitated to help him. After telling Kilgharrah of this matter, Merlin promises the Great Dragon that he will fulfil his duties as a Dragonlord and rescue the egg. Merlin steals Arthur's key to the vaults in order for Julius to enter and retrieve the final piece if the Triskelion which is the key to the Tomb of Ashkanar which contains the last remaining dragon's egg.

Julius however betrays Merlin by knocking him unconscious after he unites the Triskelion. Gaius is furious at Merlin for helping Julius despite his warnings. Merlin, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table embark on a journey to stop Julius Borden before he gets to the egg. Julius manages to hurt Sir Percival by shooting him with an arrow and later poisons the knights by shooting a poultice into their stew, but they are saved by Merlin.

With the knights unconscious, Merlin continues the journey to the Tomb of Ashkanar alone and manages to save the dragon egg. By taking the egg, the tomb comes tumbling and Julius dies in the rubble. After showing Gaius the egg, he takes the egg to Kilgharrah and is told to use his dragonlord power and name the young dragon in order to summon it from the egg. Merlin names the white dragon Aithusa, meaning the "light of the sun".

Kilgharrah says that a white dragon "bodes well for Albion."

Caerleon vs. CamelotEdit

When Arthur is faced with a difficult decision to kill King Caerleon, Merlin advises Arthur not to do so, as it is unlikely for Arthur to not show mercy. Arthur, however, listens to Agravaine, who tells him to kill Caerleon. Caerleon's wife, Queen Annis, orders war upon Camelot because of Arthur's actions. Merlin travels with Arthur, the other knights and Camelot's army to go to war. Arthur sneaks out one night to meet with Queen Annis and proposes an agreement; that one champion from Camelot and one from Caerleon will fight to the death to avoid the deaths of thousands of innocents.

Merlin is found eavesdropping, and is ordered executed, but Arthur saves him and the two go back to the campsite. Arthur questions Merlin's inability to leave things alone, and Merlin says he is Arthur's friend. Before the fight, Arthur gives Merlin a ring and requests that he give it to Gwen if he dies. Morgana, meanwhile, has enchanted Arthur's sword to allow it to malfunction during the match. Her plan is thwarted by Merlin, who makes Annis’ champion's sword fall, allowing Arthur the advantage to kill him and win.

Arthur, however, spares his life and agrees to be with peace with Annis. He and Merlin return to Camelot, where Arthur is considered a hero and admits to Merlin he should have listened to him at the beginning, despite the fact that he is "one of the worst servants in the five kingdoms" (His Father's Son).

Under Morgana's ControlEdit

"You must kill Arthur Pendragon."
―Morgana to Merlin

While out with Arthur and the other knights, Merlin is ambushed and injured, and he and Arthur are forced to spend the night in the forest, where Arthur confesses that Merlin is brave. The next morning, Merlin's condition is worse. He is more pale, and can't move willingly. Arthur attempts to carry Merlin to safety, but they are ambushed by mercenaries again. To protect Arthur, Merlin sacrifices himself by allowing rocks to fall, trapping him with the mercenaries and separating him from Arthur. Merlin is brought to Morgana, who takes him to her hut and binds him by his wrists to the ceiling.

Although Merlin tells her he will die happy knowing that Arthur is safe, Morgana reassures him that he won't die just yet, and that she won't make it easy. Arthur attempts repeatedly to search for Merlin and refuses to believe that he is truly gone. Morgana, meanwhile, tends to Merlin's wounds while questioning his loyalty to Arthur.

Merlin replies by saying she will never understand loyalty, and Morgana retaliates by stating she has nobody to be loyal to. She then uses a spell to put Merlin to sleep. When he wakes later, Morgana conjures the Fomorroh, a snake with multiple heads, and explains to Merlin that Priestesses of the Old Religion used them to take over one's mind; she then orders him to kill Arthur and inserts one of the snakes in his neck. Arthur and Gwaine venture out to look for Merlin, and find him in bog.

They bring him back to Camelot, and Merlin acts oddly towards Gaius and Ana, and attempts several times to kill Arthur, all failed or prevented by Gwen. When Gwen knocks him out and takes him to Gaius, Gaius paralyses the snake. Merlin gains freedom with his own mind for an amount of time before Gaius tells him that he needs to kill the mother snake in order to be fully free from Morgana. Merlin disguises himself as Dragoon, and after witnessing Agravaine leaving Morgana’s hut, attempts to take the jar of Fomorroh and flee, but Morgana stops him. A small battle ensues and Merlin manages to knock Morgana unconscious. After destroying the Fomorroh, he goes back to Camelot, where Gaius removes the remains of the snake. Arthur, who is increasingly angry at Merlin for his absence, orders him to be trained by George, a very dull servant, as punishment (A Servant of Two Masters).

Rescuing Ana Edit

"She would not leave without Rue"
―Merlin to Arthur

Later Merlin and Gwaine race to rescue Ana who Agravaine has managed to convince Arthur was the traitor. In reality, Ana has been abducted by Alator, a Catha and priest of the old Religion, who Morgana has enlisted the services of to find the location and identity of Emrys. Splitting up, Merlin is confronted by Morgana who gleefully threatens Merlin with death, unaware that she has Emrys at her mercy when Alator arrives. She asks if Alator has discovered Emrys’ identity. The sorcerer approaches Merlin confirming he has. When Morgana asks for a name Alator tells her she shall never know and blasts her away from the pair with magic. Fearful at first of the Sorcerer; Alator tells Merlin he does know who he is and then bows before Merlin.

He tells the young warlock he knows of the burden of hiding what they truly are, that he and the other survivors of his order know of the great prophecy involving Merlin and Arthur, and that they and other surviving magic users believe in the world Merlin will one day create.

Should Merlin ever require his or his order's services Alator and the other priests would be ready to aid him. Back in Camelot Merlin is glad Ana is safe but the couple know they need to find a way to expose Agravaine quickly for everyone's sake (The Secret Sharer).

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Relationships Edit

Anastasia Saddler

Merlin was drawn to Ana from the moment he saw her. They became fast friends, bonding over their mutual ability to do magic, and eventually over their mutual desire to protect Arthur and Camelot. In the short time he knew her, Merlin developed a very strong feelings for Ana and eventually fell in love with her. During a moment of relief, Ana kissed Merlin after he had been saved from the brink of death, and Merlin responded that it was 'more than fine.'

When confronted with the possibility of Ana being Arthur's lover, Merlin became withdrawn and often worried about the consequences of pursuing her if Arthur ever found out. He was relieved when Ana revealed that she and Arthur were nothing more than friends, and she wouldn't be able to last two seconds if she was married to him.

Merlin appeared to be jealous of the attention Ana received from other men, and even became defensive when Arthur used to tease him about his own affection for her.

When Arthur's uncle Agaravine arrives in Camelot and takes an instant dislike to Ana, Merlin is the one person who stands beside her throughout Agaravine's berating and criticism of her being a knight and a woman. Following Ana's abduction by Morgana, Merlin made it a personal mission to find and return her to Camelot.