Merlin (Laura Clarke Ver)
Also Known As: Emrys

Young Warlock The Last Dragonlord Magic (by Grettir) Dragoon The Great (Disguise) The Sorcerer The Most Powerful Sorcerer To Ever Live The Greatest Warlock Ever The Greatest Sorcerer To Ever Walk The Earth Great Emrys (by Finna) Master (by Finna) Dolma (Disguise) Bog Man (by Gwaine)

Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: *Balinor II (father) †
Affiliation: Arthur Pendragon

Gaius Camelot Guinevere Pendragon Morgana Pendragon (formerly) † The Knights of Camelot The Knights of the Round Table Aithusa (formerly) Kilgharrah The Druids Freya (Spirit ) † BalinorHunith Alator of the Catha† DaegalFinnaMordred (formerly) † Gilli

Alexandra Pendragon

Enemies: *Uther Pendragon

Morgana Pendragon

MyrorHengistKendrickTroll (Catrina)JonasAredianHaligAlined Trickler EnmyriaKnights of MedhirDagrEborGrunhildaNollarTindr JarlThe Cailleach The GleemanJulius BordenCaerleonLamiaLancelot (Shade)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Colin Morgan
List of Appearances:

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