Also Known As: Sir Gromer, Dame Ragnelle, Lady Ragnelle, The first Dame of Essetir
Biographical Information
Race: Human/Witch
Gender: Female
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Nimueh (formerly), Smugglers (formerly), Sir Gromer, King Cenred, Essetir
Enemies: Emrys (formerly), Uther Pendragon, Camelot
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Claire Foy
List of Appearances: appearances


Early LifeEdit

" I found you lying in the middle of the forest. The Great Purge was very recent and you were surrounded by magically blooming flowers. Presumably your mother knew you had magic and could bare to hand you over so she abandoned you."
― Nimueh to a ten year old Ragnelle when she asked about her parents

Ragnelle's parents were unknown. Nimueh supposedly found her lying in the middle of the forest as a baby surrounded by magically blooming flowers. Nimueh took her and taught her the ways of the old religion so she could one day kill Emrys. When Ragnelle found out Nimueh lied and kidnapped her, Ragnelle ran away and went travelling with smugglers.

Becoming a Kight of EssetirEdit

At the age of twelve Ragnelle found herself in Mercia where she met Sir Gromer. She stayed with him posing as his fiancé and he taught her how to fight. Sir Gromer died at the hands of Uther. Ragnelle took Gromer's seal of nobility, traveled to Essetir and posed as Sir Gromer to become a knight.

After a war victory, Ragnelle and the other Essetir knights celebrated and got drunk. Ragnelle, being intoxicated, revealed her true identity. Ragnelle was brought to Cenred who was stunned to find one of his best knights was a woman. Nevertheless he kept her in the army as the First Dame of Essetir.