The Saddler family is a fictional family that appears in the fanfiction Carpe Diem written by xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx on

Saddler is the surname of an old druid family. They harness the power of good magic and sorcery. They, along with other Druid families, are peaceful and secretive people. The Saddlers started with Filius Saddler, the Great-Grandfather of High Priestess, Anastasia Saddler and her younger sister Rue.

The Saddler Family is one of strongest Druid families alive. Their magical heritage dates back to the beginning of witchcraft. According to Thomas Saddler and other Druids their power is stronger than all druids with the exception of Merlin, whose birth was predicted by Deianira Saddler many years ago.

Saddler Family Talisman Edit

Saddler family charm

The Saddler Family Talisman represents power and protection. Anastasia Saddler inherits a pendent with the crest from her mother, Rosie after she dies. Ana wears it as a symbol of respect of who she is and were she comes from. The talisman is charged to magically strengthen the protective barriers already developed to warn away harm, without putting up any walls against the beautiful and exciting aspects of life at the same time.

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