Sarah Boa (Carpe Diem)
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Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: James Boa (Brother)
Affiliation: Eoferwic (formerly)
  • Ealdor
Enemies: King Cendred
  • Kanen
  • Bandits
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Emilia Clarke
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Sarah Boa is used by me - Muggleborn-Phoenix - in my Fanfiction story: Carpe Diem.

Sarah is a minor character in the fanfiction series, Carpe Diem. She appears first in The Moment of Truth when her home village of Ealdor is attacked by raiders led by the fearsome Kanen. She is the oldest child of her parents, and has two younger brothers. Her mother and father died four years after her youngest brother Ashley was born, leaving her to take custody of both her brothers.

Early Life Edit

Sarah was born in Eoferwic, a small outlying village in Sarrum's Kingdom, Amata. Her mother was Samantha, and her father was Alec Segell; Sarah never knew her father because he had abandoned her and her mother before she had even been born. Four years after her birth, Sarah's mother met and married John Boa and moved to the outlying village of Ealdor in Cenred's kingdom, there Sam had two more children, giving Sarah two younger brothers.

Life in Ealdor Edit

Many years after her move to Ealdor, Sarah met and started courting Joshua Knight, a farmhand from a neighboring village. Their courtship lasted three months before Joshua proposed but before they could marry; Sarah's parents were killed by Cenred's men along with another family. This left Sarah with two brothers to look after. Wanting what was best for them, Sarah called off her engagement.

When Kanen and his men attacked Ealdor intent on taking the harvest, leaving the villagers with nothing to eat. Sarah tried to stand up to them but was injured, while her brother James managed to kill one of Kanen's men in self-defence.

After the attack, Hunith, one of the village's elders traveled to Camelot and returned with help in the form of Arthur Pendragon, the Lady Morgana, the handmaiden Guinevere, her son Merlin and Sarah's late godmother's daughter, Anastasia.

During the battle, Sarah proved to be a bold fighter by protecting her younger brother with a cane.

Personality Edit

Sarah was a loving and caring sister and her brothers were the most important thing in her life. Wanting the best for them, Sarah called off her engagement and remained in Ealdor. Sarah is a very maternal figure, she constantly worries about her brothers, especially Ashley who was born with Winter Fear (Pneumonia) and later developed Falling sickness (Epilepsy). Sarah was very protective of her friends in Ealdor and also determined and decisive, shown by her willingness to face Kanen. She, like Anastasia, cannot stand to see a loved one in danger and will always stand up for what's right.