Serenity Pendragon (ADKOL)
Also Known As: Rena
Biographical Information
Race: Human/Lunarian/High Preistess
Gender: Female
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Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Emily Bett Rickards
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Serenity Pendragon is used by me - ShieldAgent91 - in my Fanfiction story: A Different Kind of Legend.Serenity the main protagonist of the fanfiction series, A Different Kind of Legend. The series focuses on her journey as a Princess of Camelot, Arthur's Sister to a young sorcerous and reincarnated Princess of the Moon Kingdom. She is the eldest daughter to Uther and Ygraine Pendragon, Sister to Arthur Pendragon and half-sister to Morgana Pendragon. Serenity is the High Priestess of the old religion.

Serenity is destined to use her powers, and help the young warlock, Merlin, free the magical people and revive the Old Religion to coexist with the New Religion. She is also destined to stand at Arthur's side as his defender, protecting him all those that wish to seek him harm.

Serenity is a member of the Pendragon Family.

Biography Edit

Past Life Edit

Before Serenity was a Princess of Camelot. She was a Princess of the Moon Kingdom and daughter of Queen Serenity.

Her destiny was to look over the earth, protect and nurture them, guiding them towards the right direction. She would often visit the earth, and in secret meet it's Prince, the young Endymion.

Serenity and Endymion loved each other dearly, but when the people discovered their relationship, an evil entity took over, causing chaos and destruction. The humans invaded the Moon Kingdom and laid everything to waste.

During the battle for the Moon, Endymion was killed by Beryl, a witch. In her grief, Serenity took her lover's sword and pierced it into her chest. Unable to go on without him.

Queen Serenity in all the chaos, used the great power of the Silver Crystal combined with her own magic to trap the evil inside and send her daughter, her court and everyone else to a new future on Earth. In hopes for a second chance.

Early Life Edit

Serenity, more commonly known as Rena, is the daughter of Uther and Ygraine Pendragon. She was born with her brother Arthur in Camelot.

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Uther Pendragon

As a child, Serenity had a loving relationship with her father.

Destiny Edit

The Great Dragon, Kilgharrah, states that it's Serenity's destiny to defend Arthur Pendragon until he unites the kingdoms of Albion and return magic to the land.

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