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Also known as:
  • Merek
Race: human
Gender: Female
  • none known
Home: Camelot



Ysmay was a knight of Camelot. She dressed up as a boy and cut her hair. She as able to pass as a boy named Merek until she was hurt whe they descovered she was a girl. Her life was spared when she argued she had saved Arthur's life multiple times and when Arthur asked for her to be spared. She ws then put as an advisor to Arthur by his request. She stayed that way even into Gwen's rein.


Not much is known about Ysmay. However she was born into a noble house as the only girl. Wanting to prove herself and save her sick brother from having to go.She saved Arthur's life on multiple accounts includig one where a bear almost killed him. his made her become fast frieds with Merliwho knew that she was a girl. However oneday when fighting a sorcerer she was injured. Thats when they descovered she was a woman. Uther planned to kill her for her actions but Arthur defended her. She then became advisor to Arthur and Gwen when Uther died.


Ysmay is a short girlwith brown hair and light colored eyes. She also has freckled skin that is very pale. Gwen noted she always looed younger tha she really was.


Ysmay was shown to be a very strong willed and daring gir with a stborn streak. However she was a good ally because she was logical and observant in battle. She often did not approve of rude peoepl however at times she could be one herself.